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All new non-submersible models feature auto self-priming and variable speed electric drive motors, conveniently packaged into a light-weight compact cart mounted system. These new option packed, user friendly systems still feature the same high quality, industry proven Aqua-Life Fish Pump that customers worldwide have come to trust since 1979.
  Aqua-Life Model 1210-SPP Features:
 Electric Motor 25 HP
 Pumps Weight

1150 lbs

 Pump Outlet Size 10 in / 25.4
 Pumps Inlet Size 12 in / 30.5 cm
 Pumps Length 81.5 in / 207 cm
 Pump Width 54 in / 137.2 cm
 Pump Height 65 in / 165.1 cm
 Maximum Fish Length* 18 in/ 45.7 cm
 Maximum Fish Weight* 80 oz / 2.3 kg
 Fish Per Hour* 112,500 lbs / 51,029 kg
 Fish Pump Speed** 200-350 rpm
 Pump Water Output 1200-2500 gpm
 Pump Water Output 4540-9460 lpm
 Maximum Vertical Pumping Head 30 ft / 9.1 m
Construction: Cast Marine Alloy Aluminum
* Rated using largest fish capacity based on average vertical pumping heads.
** RPM varies according to vertical pumping heads and total horizontal     pumping distances.

Lightweight construction using Marine Alloy Aluminum.


Aluminum castings with powder coated finish for extended life span.


Unique compact design for easy manuverability.


Whisper quiet Electric Drive.


TEFC Electric motors with power to spare.


Conveniently located Mechanical Speed controls for the priming pump & Aqua-Life Fish Pump.


High head & long pumping distance capabilities.


Water-tight control box.


Large pneumatic tires for outdoor use or neoprene casters for indoor use.


Optional remote control for all operational functions available.





SPP Video:


View video for SPP cart mount system.

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