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  Shrimp Harvesters
The unique design of the Aqua-Life Shrimp Harvester System is the result of years of actual shrimp harvesting in South Texas and Mexico using the Aqua-Life Fish Pumps. A coordinated effort between a Professional Shrimp Harvesting Company, a large Shrimp Processing Plant, and Magic Valley Heli-Arc & Mfg., was a complete success in designing the world’s finest Shrimp Harvesting System. All aspects of the harvest procedure were considered, from set-up versatility, to the quality of the harvested shrimp, as well as the best ways of handling the shrimp once they were harvested. The results have yielded a high quality #1 rated shrimp which means more profit to the grower.

The submersible, hydraulically driven Aqua-Life Fish Pump is the heart and soul of the Harvesting System assuring a top quality damage free product. The Aqua-Life Pump is so gentle even the delicate antennae of the shrimp are left completely intact. Many users of the Aqua-Life Shrimp Harvester will actually select their brood stock from the shrimp being harvested.
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