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  Foot-Valve Setups
Aqua-Life non-submersible options are limited only by imagination. Shown above are fish friendly foot-valve setups.  These setups can be modified to meet your requirements.  Shown to the right are suction tubes with screened gates that open and close allowing the user to control the amount of fish entering the system without shutting down & re-priming. Also shown to the far right is a basket & scale system, which allows the user to weigh each net full of fish prior to dumping the fish into the foot-valve basket.  Again, controlling the amount of fish by weight is easily accomplished without shutting down the system.



View the many options for Non-Submersible applications

Non-Submersible Video:

View video of a Non- Submersible application

Flash Demo:

View Flash Demo on Non-Submersible applications

Auto-Priming Unit:

View our exclusive Auto-Priming unit for Aqua-Life Fish Pump

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