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Typically the fish pump is placed into the raceway, pond , or cage-pen with the hydraulic leads and outlet hose attached. The pump is then positioned to have the ability to crowd or direct fish into the pump intake chute using a screen-crowder, cutter seines, or shrimp pond drainage systems. A discharge hose is attached and runs from the pump to a dewatering device or a fish grader which can be mounted on top of a live-haul truck, trailer, etc.
After the fish have been separated from the water, they are ready to be graded or exit directly into a live-haul tank using volume metric displacement to weigh and count. Again either pipe or hose is run from the dewatering device or grader back to the pond or raceway, returning the water which was separated from the fish. This is done to maintain proper water levels. These are only basic set-ups, many more are possible. Please contact us for more information.
  Earthen Pond:
Aqua-Life Fish Pump being used in an earthen pond application. The fish have been seined and transferred into a live car. The opening of the live car has been attached to the inlet structure of the fish pump allowing easy maneuvering of the fish into the pump.
  Typical Raceway:
Aqua-Life Fish Pump being used in a typical raceway application. The fish are gently crowded into the fish pump which then transfers the water and fish to the grading device. The larger graded fish are exiting into a live-haul truck, while the smaller fish are routed to another raceway.

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Submersible Video:

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Flash Demo:

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