Main Pump Drive

Priming Pump Drive

Fish Pumping Cap

Pump Output Max

Maximum Head

Maximum Distance

Electric Requirements

230V 1φ

230V 3φ

380V 3φ

400V 3φ

415V 3φ

480V 3φ

25A - 53A

15A  - 30A

9.0A - 19A

9.0A - 18A

8.5A - 17A

7.5A - 15A

The BioStream line features variable speed electric drive, auto priming and optional remote control, conveniently packaged into a compact aluminum cart.

BP40 - S Electric

BioStream Electric BP40

4in (100mm)

3hp & 7.5 hp


8 t/hr

480-800 gpm

29.5-46 ft

800-3000 m

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