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● 27 H.P. Kohler engine with direct drive hydraulic pump and complete circuiting        26 gal. hydraulic oil tank    15 gal. gas tank

● Inspection platform with platform ladder.

● Hydraulic cylinders for lifting top platform.

● Fish discharge tube adjustable in length
from 56 to 112. Swivels 180, with adjustable deflector.

● Aqua-Life pump stores on trailer when not used.

● Hand operated jacks for
Setting slope of trailer.

  Submersible Fish Harvester
This harvester is a trailer mounted dewatering tower that is easily moved around narrow raceways or pond roads. The fish and water are pumped up into the dewatering box and distributed across a polished aluminum tubular rack where the water drops through and returns back to the raceways, ponds, etc. Fish passing across the rack enter the loading tube, which swivels 180 degrees and telescopes for loading of live-haul tanks, totes, wash tanks, etc. The harvester has complete hydraulic circuiting for operating the Aqua-Life Fish Pump and the 3 foot hydraulic lift rams. The top dewatering platform extends upward an additional three feet from its down position. This feature enables a variety of unloading heights.

Harvesters include: Aqua-Life Fish Pump, aluminum dewaterer mounted on a single axle trailer, complete with leveling jacks and running lights. Includes all hydraulics and circuiting to operate lift cylinders and Fish Pump. Also includes: Gasoline electric start engine, 12 volt battery, 15 gallon gas tank, 26 gallon hydraulic oil tank, one 90 elbow, one 45 elbow, 24 intake hose, 15 discharge hose, 25 hydraulic leads for Fish Pump. Complete and ready to operate.
*Diesel and Electric units are optional.

Submersible Video:

View video for a submersible harvester

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