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  Transport Design Features:
All tanks are constructed of type 304 stainless steel
Uni-body design with built-in sub-framing allows direct
mounting to the frame of trucks eliminating the need for
a flat bed.
Fold-down aluminum walkways are self-supporting
without cables or chains.
Optional, built-in Fish Pump dewaterer and
dispersing chute.
Remote control handles allow operator to divert fish
into desired compartment while standing on aluminum
Easy to read site glasses on each compartment allow
the operator to control the exact amount of fish per
Standard 22 x 30 water tight access lid. (Custom size
openings available.)
Schedule 40 pipe oxygen lines installed throughout the
live-haul tank substructure.
One liquid oxygen bottle mount with one K-bottle mount
for back-up are standard.
Optional, built-in hydraulic circuiting to operate Fish
Standard five foot rear landing on multi-compartment,
sub-framed systems.
Large diameter outlets to accommodate large fish.
Multiple side, single side, and rear discharge available.
Aerators, blowers, tempering systems, oxygen
Monitoring systems and oxygen diffusers are selected
and installed in accordance with the customers specs.
Large external brood stock gates also available.
MIDDLE: Internal plunger system with an outside locking release handle allows the operator to attach discharge pipes or hoses without getting wet.

BOTTOM: Oxygen flow meters conveniently located on the front driver side of tank, can be viewed by the driver from the side mirror.
Live Haul Videos:
  Videos of Live Haul operations.  
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