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The Model 1614-P Aqua-Life fish pump is based on the same high quality and industry proven design as the existing Aqua-Life fish pump line that customers have come to trust since 1979. Offering the versatility of both Non-submersible and Submersible applications, the hydraulically driven, Marine Alloy Aluminum, Model 1614-P Aqua-Life fish pump will harvest a range of sizes including Adult Cage-Pen Salmon, damage free.


  Model 1614-P Specifications:
Fish Pump Weight 1020 lb / 463 kg
Pump Outlet Size 14 in / 35.6 cm
Pump Inlet Size 17.5 in / 44.5 cm
Pump Length 41 in / 103.9 cm
Pump Width 72 in / 182.4 cm
Pump Height 67 in / 169.7 cm
Maximum Fish Length* 28 in / 72 cm
Maximum Fish Weight* 19.8 lb / 9 kg
Lb / kg of Fish per Hour* 445,500 lb / 202,075 kg
Fish Pump Speed ( rpm )** 175-275
Pump Water Output ( gpm ) 2700-5600
Pump Water Output ( lpm ) 10,220-21,290
Maximum Vertical Pumping Head 30 ft / 9.1 m
Hydraulic Motor 24 cubic inch
Hydraulic Flow ( gpm )*** 23-28
Hydraulic Flow ( lpm )*** 87-106

Required Motor Size for the

following Hydraulic Power Packs***

Electric 40 hp / 30 kW
Diesel or Gasoline 80 hp / 60 kW
Construction: Cast Marine Alloy Aluminum.
* Rated using largest fish capacity based on average vertical pumping heads of 16ft. to 18ft. / 4.9m to 5.5m
** RPM varies according to vertical pumping heads and total horizontal pumping distances.
*** Hydraulic Flow (gpm / lpm) and Motor Size (hp / kW) are based on average vertical pumping heads of 16ft. to 18ft. / 4.9m to 5.5m
  Guidelines for Proper Fish Transfer:
Vertical pumping heads & total pumping distances have dramatic effects on the fish size capacity of all fish pumps.   Fish size capacity will decrease as the total vertical head and total horizontal distance increase.  Likewise the fish size capacity of the fish pump will increase dramatically at low vertical heads.  The table above reflects the proper fish size capacity with the appropriate vertical pumping head for this fish pump.  For example the fish size capacity can increase as much as 33% at a low (3 ft / 1.0 m) vertical pumping head.
1614-P Power Packs:

Available Power packs include Diesel and Electric motors


1614-P Video:


View video of 1614-P in a Non-Submersed application.

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