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  Shrimp Harvest Application
The Aqua-Life Shrimp Harvesting System has the capability of handling large volumes of shrimp over a short period of time with minimal labor. By avoiding the need to stop water flow during harvest, these systems also minimize the number of shrimp left in the pond to be hand picked. The process involves screening shrimp from the drainage water, pumping them to the dewatering tower where they are separated from the pond water and discharged into insulated totes filled with an ice-water slurry, which results in immediate chilling to near freezing.
Unlike the traditional system of alternately applying a layer of shrimp and a layer of ice, which can result in hot spots causing product deterioration. Each 1m insulated box will hold about 800 lbs (360kg.) of head on shrimp. The ice slurry system provides a consistent chilling every time. Also, crushing is avoided due to suspension of the shrimp in the ice-water slurry.  
Model Size Capacity per hr.
860-P-1S 6" (15cm) 24,000 lbs (10,900kg)
1080-P-1S 8" (20cm) 36,000 lbs (16,300kg)
1210-P-1S 10" (25cm) 48,000 lbs (21,700kg)



Harvest Video:


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